Tenuta Tech UV Disinfection: A Proven Technology

UV Disinfection: A Proven Technology

This week’s Tenuta Tech will be dedicated to discussing UV disinfection and its advantages for any application.

Reduce Energy Consumption

According to the 2012 ASHRAE Handbook, through the use of UV-C, heat transfer and airflow are restored which results in energy savings, with the possibility of payback in less than two years.

Reduce Maintenance & Cleaning

Per the 2012 ASHRAE Handbook, chemical and mechanical cleaning of air conditioning coils and drain pans can be costly, dangerous, and even difficult. Applying UV-C light can help maintain system cleanliness by keeping surfaces free of microbial contamination.

Eliminate Mold, Bacteria & Viruses in the HVAC  System

UV-C light appears to be an effective way to lower the risk of infection in the operating room during total joint replacement surgery.

Source: The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (American), 2007.

Reduce Ice Machine Maintenance

Field studies confirm that the Fresh- Aire Ice UV system™ reduces biological contamination in ice machines.

Source: Independent Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant Field Study, Summer 2008.

Maintain Peak System Efficiency

As stated by the 2012 ASHRAE Handbook, UV-C light makes it easy to maintain heat exchange efficiency, design airflow and to improve indoor air quality.

Cut Airborne Biohazards

The Centers for Disease Control recognizes UV-C as a viable means for the reduction of tuberculosis and in reducing the transmission of other infections in hospitals, military housings and classrooms.

Source: CDC, October 1994.

A microbial analysis of 54 air conditioning units at nine schools in California indicated a notable reduction in the levels of microbial growth on the evaporator coils; and total fungal and gram positive bacteria reductions were from 65 to 100% of colony forming units.

Source: A report prepared for the California Energy Commission, June 2006.

UV light technology has been recognized for its benefits and energy savings in the following industry and government handbooks:

  • ASHRAE 2012 HVAC Handbook, Chapter 17, “Ultraviolet Air & Surface Treatment”
  • NAFA 2007 Guide To Air Filtration, Fourth Addition, Chapter 14
  • USGSA 2003 Facilities Standards for the Public Building Service, Chapter 5.9. Since 2000, in every GSA-funded new construction project, GSA requires UV light to be applied to all coils and drain pans of every HVAC system.

Meets LEED Accreditation

Saves Money By Increasing Air System Efficiency

Improves Indoor Environmental Quality

Increases Equipment & System Longevity

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