Tube Bundles

We have made the process easier to replace damaged tube bundles.  Our focus is strictly on the needs of our clients.  We dedicate our time to water and steam applications in institutional, commercial, and industrial markets.

  • We focus a great deal on customer service.  Each client is as different as each application.  Those needs fuel our promise to keep clients first.
  • All orders are directly placed with the factory.  No time is lost from when an order is submitted to when it is processed as there’s no “middle man” adding to the order process. 
  • We work with pipe fitters and field technicians on developing proper measuring techniques in order to expedite the sizing process.  This reduces the time waiting for various reps to be on site. 
  • A call, email, or text to provide us with the basic information of the type of tube bundle  (steam-to-water, water-to-water), model number, and installation details will allow us to price the replacement tube bundle that very day.  We also offer site visits to provide piece of mind your replacement tube bundle will fit. 
  • The faster we ship … the quicker you can install the replacement tube bundle.  Freight is always included. 
  • Often-times we must redesign the tube bundle to change the capacity.  Our long experience in the tube bundle replacement market provides engineering expertise as well as computer selection calculations.