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Venturing out to create a company takes a vision. What often goes overlooked are the experiences that form that vision. Oftentimes, one takes their current role and believes they have experienced enough to go out on their own. Others assume new roles and transition into new markets and fields opening themselves up to new experiences that will shape and sharpen their vision. Tenuta & Co is a result of nearly 20 years of experience in engineering, construction, healthcare, academia, and sales. It is driven by our experiences as owners, partners, clients and stakeholders.

Tenuta & Co operates on a set of promises that all stakeholders, employees, and partners must work each day to keep

  • Represent our clients fully and always
  • Be attentive to our clients and their needs at all times
  • Earn their trust and work to keep it
  • Always evolve


To focus on customer service and deliver the exact and best outcomes.

The Vision Of Tenuta & Co

To be a technical consulting & management firm that is dedicated to serving our clients and successful outcomes.

The Mission Of Tenuta & Co

To be of service to our clients and deliver the best outcome

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